About the collection

Hello and thank you for visiting the site.

My name is Martin Sotelano, I am a photographer & designer.

Long time ago I started my collection of photography items and some models related items. I do this as a hobby; I collect the items I like.

My collection was growing but what is the point of having it if nobody can see it and for me, share it was part of the enjoyment?

When I opened an Art Centre in Blaenavon, I found the opportunity to exhibit the collection and allow visitors to have the chance of asking questions about the items and touching them.

Unfortunately, the Copvid-19 forced me to close the venue.

For now, you can see the collection on-line only. Perhaps in the future I will find another place and open the collection to the public.

If you want to know more about the items, how they used to work as an example, please contact me, I will be happy to help you, maybe on an on-line conference.

If you have some old photography equipment and want to donate it to this collection, I will take care of it.

Thank you

Martin Sotelano

The Collection, when it was in Blaenavon, at The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre.