Kodak Brownie Cresta 3

This was the last Brownie Cresta model manufactured.

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Kodak Brownie Cresta 3

Type: Solid Body Eyelevel Rollfilm

Introduced: 1960

Discontinued: 1965

Film Size: 120

Picture Size: 2 1/4″ X 2 1/4″

Manufactured: UK

Lens: Dakon F/11 Fixed Focus With Closeup Lens

Shutter: Single Speed 1/40 Second


The Brownie Cresta 3 has a moulded plastic body with grey top and plain lens panel, screw and pin flash contacts, optical direct vision finder with bright line corner marks for Superslide format, and two apertures.

The Brownie Cresta 3 had the top changed to grey, with a “Kodak” label on an added panel beside the viewfinder and restyled lens surround. The Kodet lens was replaced with an f/11 Dakon with no close-up option; due to the increasing popularity of colour film, the yellow filter was replaced by a second aperture stop, the apertures being labelled as 12 & 13, as Exposure Values. The viewfinder had marks for the new “Superslide” format.

Fun Facts:

This was the last Brownie Cresta model manufactured. It was redesigned with a more angular style moulded plastic body, a grey top, plain lens panel, and a change from a glass Kodet to a less expensive acrylic Dakon lense with two apertures. Like its predecessors, the Cresta and Cresta II cameras, it used 120 film for a large 6cm X 6cm negative image, though camera shake can be problematic because of the relatively slow shutter speed.


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