Polaroid Land Camera 1000

The Land Camera 1000 is an instant camera manufactured by Polaroid Corporation

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Polaroid Land Camera 1000


Polaroid Land Camera Supercolor 1000

The Land Camera 1000 is an instant camera manufactured by Polaroid Corporation. In the United States, it was marketed as the OneStep. Based on the Polaroid SX-70, the camera includes a one element plastic lens, fixed focus and an exposure compensation dial knob. It uses the SX-70 time zero film, now manufactured by Polaroid Originals. There is a flash specifically made for this model: the Q-light flash. They had two unique shutter colors: red and green.


The Polaroid SX-70, while popular when released, was considered expensive at a cost of $180.[2] Thus, Polaroid created cheaper alternatives: rigid plastic Pronto, and the OneStep series. With a release price of $40 (equivalent to $165 in 2018), the Land Camera 1000 became the best-selling camera of the 1977 Christmas shopping season.[3] Later, Polaroid released Type 600 integral series cameras, utilizing the same film format and cartridge but with a different film formulation.

Alongside the ‘prosumer’ range of folding SLRs, Polaroid released a large number of plastic bodied, non-folding consumer cameras that used the SX-70 integral film. There were several lines that varied in the type and amount of features they offered, but fall into three distinct categories differentiated by the method of focusing:

Fixed focus – Generally known (in the US) as OneStep models

Zone-focused – Generally known (in the US) as Pronto! models; e.g. Pronto RF

Sonar Autofocus – Labelled as both Pronto! and OneStep models, but usually with an AF or Sonar moniker.

All these models use the SX-70 integral film, meaning the camera is powered by a battery built into the film pack. Many of these models were able to use certain accessories designed for the folding SLR line of SX-70 cameras, such as flashbars, electronic flashes and tripod mounts.

The Land Camera 1000 is a foreign-markets version of the original Onestep model, meaning it has a fixed focus plastic lens. The model 1000 or original OneStep models are distinguished among the range in that they were made available with 2 different coloured shutter buttons – either green or red; there is some debate among collectors as to which was more common. A matching electronic flash was also released for the Onestep/1000 model, known as the Q-Light. It fits onto any SX-70 non-folding camera model, but was cosmetically matched to the original models. Features common to the series of OneStep non-folding, fixed-focus SX70-series integral film cameras are:

1 element plastic lens with fixed aperture (103mm, f14.6)

4ft minimum focus distance.

Exposure compensation dial around electric eye.


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